DLD Oscar Predictions, 2017 Edition

DLD Oscar Predictions, 2017 Edition

DLD Oscar Prediction’s Round 2!

Here we go again! We at DLD are excited to present our selections for who will go home with Oscars in 2017! Last year Anthony went 7/24 on his picks and Hawkins went 11/24, but hopefully at least one of us can hit .500 on their selections this time. Maybe Anthony will even get something correct in the acting categories, which he completely missed in 2016.

We’re also dropping some of our thoughts surrounding the year’s nominees! It’s been a strong year for film, and this year has shown promise in moving towards a better future for the industry as a whole. Check it all out below!

Moonlight, La La Land - Oscars 2017

‘Moonlight’ and ‘La La Land’

Anthony’s Thoughts

La La Land, La La Land, La La Land. It’s nominated for so many awards, it has to compete with itself in some categories, which is crazy, and also a bit of a shame that it has become the favorite child for this year’s Academy Awards. There are so many other films that have done incredible things in their own rights, but some of those stories aren’t as approachable for audiences as La La Land. While many are making this year’s Oscars seem like a showdown between La La Land and Moonlight, the reality is that a film like La La Land is pretty safe to take home more awards than the rest. Moonlight is being heralded as competition to La La Land because it’s so damn moving, and while Moonlight works incredibly hard for the recognition it’s getting, La La Land gets most of the attention for being a lighter and more upbeat film.

My personal favorite film this year was Arrival, which although nominated for eight awards, may unfortunately be edged out by other more talked-about movies. Don’t be thrown by the science fiction premise, it’s one of those examples of science fiction done right. I’m not too happy about the score being marked ineligible for a nomination on technicalities, because it is one of the most atmospheric, haunting, and otherworldly scores that I have ever heard. Also, Denis Villeneuve is our favorite, and he should win all the awards for anything he works on.

Luckily, this year’s Academy Awards seems to have taken notice to the #OscarsSoWhite backlash of last year. Nominations are more representative of, well, not just white people, and it feels like the stories we’ve seen on film in the past year are more varied and diverse. We’re at baby steps right now, and of course progress doesn’t happen overnight. With all of the political unease that is taking place in our country, we’ve seen the industry focus its critical lens on what is morally repugnant through charged acceptance speeches and statements. I hope that the industry also focuses that lens onto itself to critically assess how much more it can do to create and highlight diverse stories. Until then, we’ll just see how Oscars night and the year goes.

Arrival, Amy Adams - Oscars 2017


Hawkins’ Thoughts

This year’s Academy Awards is looking like a battle to see how much of an impact the #OscarsSoWhite campaign truly had. The evening’s main event is going to come down to Moonlight vs. La La Land, and while La La Land is a fine film, when the Academy awards it Best Picture the creators are going to fawn about how grateful they are to have been able to make a movie that they thought studios wouldn’t respond to. The truth is that Damien Chazelle’s film isn’t that difficult to get made. The film that’s difficult to get made is the one starring an entirely black cast, and which provides an introspective look into the life of a gay African-American man. La La Land has generated well over $300 million worldwide. Moonlight has barely topped $20 million. Audiences are going to flock to a well-made, white-centric Hollywood musical, but they’re not going to come out in droves to see a quiet film that is unapologetically specific to the audience it is attempting to reach. Moonlight is the superior film, the more culturally relevant, and the one that should be getting an award-winning signal boost, but please, tell us about how difficult it was to make La La Land.

As far as the rest of the show goes, I’m just hoping Arrival can claim a victory or two out of its eight nominations. In particular, I’d love to see Bradford Young walk away with an Oscar, but cinematography is among the tightest categories, and I couldn’t see being upset over any of the five nominees getting a win. My other favorite films of the year, Loving and Moana, are going to get squeezed out in the few categories they earned nominations for, but victories for people like Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis, and Asghar Farhadi would certainly ease the blow of my personal favorites not receiving as much recognition.

Even with the inevitable victory of La La Land over Moonlight, the Academy has lined up plenty of fun people to make the presentations more interesting. Presenters like Riz Ahmed, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, The Rock, Kate McKinnon, and Janelle Monae are all brilliant, and I’m just glad that the late-night talk show host Jimmy they selected to host isn’t Fallon.

Hidden Figures, Hell or High Water, Manchester by the Sea, Lion - 2017 Oscars

‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Hell or High Water,’ ‘Manchester by the Sea,’ and ‘Lion’


Best Supporting Actor  Mahershala Ali  Mahershala Ali
Costume Design  Jackie  Jackie
Makeup and Hair Styling  Star Trek: Beyond  Star Trek Beyond
Foreign Language Film  The Salesman  The Salesman
Live Action Short Film  Ennemis Interieurs  Silent Nights
Documentary – Short Subject  The White Helmets  The White Helmets
Sound Mixing  La La Land  La La Land
Sound Editing  Hacksaw Ridge  La La Land
Best Supporting Actress  Viola Davis  Viola Davis
Visual Effects  Rogue One:
A Star Wars Story
 The Jungle Book
Animated Short Film  Piper  Piper
Animated Featured Film  Zootopia  Zootopia
Production Design  La La Land  Hail, Caesar!
Cinematography  La La Land  La La Land
Film Editing  La La Land  Moonlight
Documentary – Feature  OJ: Made in America  I Am Not Your Negro
Original Song “City of Stars” – La La Land  “City of Stars” – La La Land
Original Score  La La Land  La La Land
Original Screenplay  Manchester by the Sea  Manchester by the Sea
Adapted Screenplay  Moonlight  Moonlight
Best Director  Barry Jenkins  Damien Chazelle
Best Actor  Casey Affleck  Denzel Washington
Best Actress  Emma Stone  Emma Stone
Best Picture  La La Land  La La Land


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