About Us


Originally created in October of 2015 by Anthony and Hawkins, Dance Like DeVito has recently undergone a retooling, bringing the site a new look and entirely fresh content. You can follow us on Twitter at @DanceLikeDeVito, or email us at dancelikedevito@gmail.com for any inquiries, comments, or suggestions.


Anthony Lopez

Anthony is one of those movie fans that will dissect a film to its smallest bits past the point of coherence or relevance. If he were stuck on a desert island with only one movie to watch, he wouldn't be able to decide on anything and would be left alone with nothing to watch. Maybe he should have just picked The Empire Strikes Back, which of course is the best Star Wars entry. 

Co-founder of  film and former baseball super-site Dance Like DeVito, Anthony can be reached at anthony@dancelikedevito.com or summoned via carrier pigeon should you own one. Alternatively, wander the theaters of Los Angeles and you just might see him. 


Hawkins DuBois

Hawkins' early moviewatching days were mostly just filled with nonstop viewings of the original Star Wars trilogy, but in recent years his taste has grown to include films that are far more emotionally trying. While he can still be found at the Chinese Theater on opening night for every new Star Wars film, he now also enjoys a good gangster flick, stories of eternally grey moral quandries, and tales where everybody winds up dead. 

You can read all his work here, at Dance Like DeVito, and follow him on Twitter at @Hawk_Eye_19, where you can pester him about all things cinema and baseball. Alternatively, you can contact him at hawkins@dancelikedevito.com.